We have made it our mission to make digital publishing easy, affordable and therefore accessible to anyone. This mission is both simple and comprehensive. It obliges us to always think from the perspective of our customers. In addition, it drives us to continue to innovate and to ensure that the value of what we deliver is always greater than the price our customers pay.


In dealing with each other and with our customers, the values below are of great importance to us. Within our company and beyond, these are the building blocks of our communication. To function properly new colleagues must therefore be able to subscribe to these values.


We strive to communicate as clearly as possible. “Tell it like it is’ and don’t make it prettier nor uglier. No hidden agendas, no snakes in the grass.


Respect for each other, which applies to both colleagues and customers. In our view, respect means ‘to recognize the worth of the other’. In concrete terms this means that you listen to each other and remain aware of the unique value of the other, even if you fail to agree.


We aim for the highest quality. There is always better than good. We are working to raise the value of the products and services we provide to a higher level than the price paid by our customers. Quality is our leading principle. In our product, in contact with our customers and in our dealings with each other.